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Welcome to Alcowise

Alcowise is a Canadian Company based in London Ontario.

BreathalyzerThe misuse of alcohol continues to cost society hundreds of millions of dollars in health care costs, law enforcement, impaired driving, civil law suits and lost productivity at work each and every year. Canadian police officers continue to charge about 80,000 people with an impaired driving related offence every year. These numbers have not changed over the past 12 years.

There has been little useful information or quality products available to companies and the general public to help prevent alcohol related problems including impaired driving from occurring in the first place. It is with this in mind that Alcowise is now making the following products and services to Canadians.

Alcowise offers only the top of the line fuel cell hand held breathalyzer from Q3 innovations, which is based in Independence Iowa, USA.

Impaired Driving in CanadaHandbooks
We offer two handbooks; one on impaired driving in Canada and one on lower risk drinking.

Alcowise has a certified Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) on staff who provides clinical substance abuse assessments for Civil or Criminal Court, for employers and the Department of Transportation in the United States . This SAP is considered an addiction specialist by the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario to complete medical review assessments for clients who have lost their driving privileges due to the abuse of alcohol and or drugs.

Staff at Alcowise write substance use/misuse policies for both union and non-union companies. They also deliver seminars and provides training to companies and service groups on impaired driving and other substance use/misuse related topics.